What is Dedicated to Growth?

Dashboards and search facilities to help you report on the formation and growth of companies.

BankSearch’s Dedicated to Growth package is a cloud-based business analytics service that allows you to:

  • Analyse data that provides an historic overview of a particular geography, sector, company nature (size, age, nature of business)
  • Find contact information including names and addresses of the businesses, directors and other key contacts
  • View all of your most critical business   data in one place
  • Interrogate rich interactive reports
  • Track business births and business deaths
  • Easily Export your findings in Excel and CSV formats
  • Seamlessly transition across all devices


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Did you know?

The design and build of our dashboard driven product, BankSearch BI, is inspired by our extensive liaisons with economic development officers from across the country since our Business Start-up reports were first released in 2008.

Pulling together key databases our   Dedicated to Growth package provides a comprehensive view of UK and local economic and company activity, making it easy for you to understand your area and effectively target your resources.

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