Business Start-up Data Service

Today’s business start-ups generate tomorrow’s business growth.

Small businesses are the bedrock of our economy, accounting for nearly half of the United Kingdom’s output.  At a time of change, it has never been more important to measure today’s business start-ups.

Working in partnership with the British Bankers Association, BankSearch collects data on start-ups from the main high street banks and provides comprehensive and timely data on company formations across the country.

The monthly data includes information about start-ups geographic location, industrial classification and the firm’s legal status.

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A Unique Data Service

BankSearch’s Business Start-Up Data Service is truly one of a kind and has been recognised as such across the UK.

By collecting start-up data directly from banks and data produced by Companies House the BankSearch database provides the most complete information on business start-ups in the UK.

Key features of the Business Start-up Data Service:

  • Quickly turn static data into explorable multi-dimensional reports (includes charting and mapping tools)

  • Slice and dice the data and gain insight

  • Look for trends, patterns and anomalies, then drill down for detail

  • Intuitive and user-friendly

  • Great value, an affordable Data Service and Business Intelligent tool

Who can benefit from the Business Start-up Data Service?

  • The Government and EU, who want to make sure that their policies are well directed with priorities focusing on innovation, taxation, skills, migration, planning and transport.

  • Local Authorities and Chambers of Commerce can verify that they are delivering well targeted support.

  • National Statistics can use the data as a measure of UK economic activity.

  • Banks, who want to ensure that their segmented product offerings are attractive and meet the needs of their customers.

What users say:

Your data is valued here at the Council

A Local Authority

The Chief Economist Unit has been using the BankSearch data since December 2009, and has found it invaluable in tracking business start-ups during the recession, and adding additional value to existing data sets on new business starts. It has been especially useful in understanding the number of new ‘not for profit’ businesses as well as sole traders, and in tracking new business starts in deprived/non-deprived and urban/rural areas. It is currently being utilised in briefings to Yorkshire Forward’s Board, government and MPs, as well as supporting the delivery of enterprise support through Business Link.

Victoria Gell, Chief Economist Unit Manager, Yorkshire Forward

On 7th June 2013, Prime Minister, David Cameron, used the BankSearch Business Start-up Data in a speech at a Conference in Scotland.

Please click here to read the article as covered by the BBC.

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