Data Capture System

The Data Capture System, designed and brought to you by BankSearch, is a state-of-the-art application, which can revolutionise the way you gather your data. Quickly implemented, the Data Capture System is a modern, secure, internet based application that allows reporters to key in, upload or transfer and validate data in a timely fashion. With helpful reminders of submission dates and tool tips to guide you along the way, our Data Capture System is the user-friendly and secure online solution to solve your data-gathering needs

Key features of the Data Capture System:

  • Four different methods of data input and upload, to suit all levels of sophistication of reporting institution.

  • Both in-form and cross-form validation, to ensure that data is of the highest quality before submission.

  • User friendly and intuitive interface, helpful reminders and suggestions to resolve data errors.

  • Administration of the system, includes setting up new reporting institutions and users, monitoring form submissions, access to audit, submission, error and incident logs.

  • Great Value, an affordable Data Gathering Solution.

Benefits of using our Data Capture System:

  • Improve the accuracy and timeliness of data submissions

  • Speed up the implementation of amended/new forms

  • Easily transfer data into your database

  • Allow a wider range of data to be collected

Who can benefit from using the Data Capture System?

Central Banks, Government Departments, Trade Associations… in short; anyone who is responsible for gathering data on a regular basis.

Need to interrogate your data?

Use our flexible Interactive Database to quickly drill down and better understand your data. Then, use the reporting, charting and mapping tools to share your findings with your colleagues and clients.

If you would like to learn more about the Data Capture System, Interactive Database or any of our other products then do not hesitate to contact us.