Interactive Database

The Interactive Database, created and brought to you by BankSearch, is a modern, online and secure data interrogation and visualisation application which helps users turn their data into actionable insights.

Key features:

  • Quickly turn static data into explorable multi-dimensional reports (includes charting and mapping tools).

  • Slice and dice your data and gain insight.

  • Look for trends, patterns and anomalies, then drill down for detail.

  • Intuitive and user-friendly.

  • Built on MS SQL Server Analysis Services; the multi-dimensional database can handle virtually any data source.

  • The solution can support SDMX and XBRL data exchange and analysis.

  • Secure and easily scalable deployment.

  • Great value, an affordable Business Intelligence solution.

Who can benefit from using the Interactive Database?

Whether you are a government department, national statistics authority, international agency, trade association or private company, if you have data you need to drill into, understand in detail and present in a comprehensive format, then the Interactive Database will be a valuable and indispensable asset to you.

Case Study

Since 2008 BankSearch has worked with the British Bankers Association. We created and now maintain the Business Start-up Transactional Reporting System (BSU TRS) which processes 95% of all UK Business Account transactions each month. Using this data, the Business Start-up Interactive Database (IADB) delivers the most accurate, comprehensive and timely business start-up and ‘switcher’ database in the UK.

With nearly three million records held in the database it offers a sophisticated performance management and sales development tool; users have a clear view of their own firm’s and the wider UK market data. Business Development Managers can optimise sales activity by focusing on the most profitable business opportunities, whilst Marketing Managers can keep track of performance and benchmark activity with their competitors.

The information is proving invaluable in showing the impacts of our business start-up programmes.

Richard Kent, Economic Development, Nottingham City Council

Need to gather your data?

Use our fully customisable Data Capture System to efficiently collect, validate and transfer your information into a database.

If you would like to learn more about the Interactive Database, Data Capture System or any of our other products then do not hesitate to contact us.