BankSearch is pleased to announce that our latest Data Capture and Reporting System is now live and is delivered as Software as a Service (SaaS). 


What data can you gather? 

  • Primary Datais data collected by you. It can be regulatory and compliance data, finance, tourism, health, education, science, technology, environmental, business or any other quantitative data – whether it is point-in-time or time series. 
  • Secondary Data: is data collected by someone else for another purpose. Secondary data is automatically downloaded from websites such as National Statistics Offices, the World Bank, the IMF etc. and stored in the database ready for analysis and reporting. 


What’s new?


  • SaaS – the Data Capture and Reporting System is now delivered as Software as a Service using the world renowned and secure Microsoft Azure which removes the inconvenience and expense of local hosting. 

  • Gather both ‘Primary’ and ‘Secondary’ data. 

  • Design and build your own forms to collect Primary data online. 

  • Copy and Paste data into the forms. 

  • Enrich the data store by adding metadata. 

  • Publish business intelligence dashboards and summary reports internally and / or on a public facing website. 

  • Easily control what information remains confidential. 

  • And much, much more! 

What’s the same? 

You will still receive the same exceptional customer service from the BankSearch team that we pride ourselves for.  We always listen carefully to our customers’ requirements and are happy to tailor our services to meet their needs. 


Learn more 

To learn more about our latest intuitive, flexible and secure Data Capture and Reporting System please contact one of our team who will be pleased to provide you with further information.