Exciting news here at BankSearch – we’ve just launched our latest product Grow My Company!

Grow My Company is an easy-to-use and secure online business assessment and benchmarking platform, which:

  • Provides business owners with insights into their performance and helps them to identify areas of business improvement and potential growth
  • Assists you in measuring the impact of your business support interventions, allowing you to focus on delivering targeted advice which drives economic growth
  • Helps you to quantify the positive effect of your interventions and secure funding for future business support programmes

How does Grow My Company work?

  • Gathers key business performance data through a simple interface
  • Generates insightful, comparative benchmark reports which are automatically emailed to the businesses and the business support provider
  • Provides conversation starting insights
  • Helps you to measure your impact
Visit growmycompany.co.uk

Grow My Company

If you would like to learn more about Grow My Company then visit our dedicated website:
Visit growmycompany.co.uk