Over half of all Fortune 500 companies are using the Microsoft Azure cloud platform to quickly and securely deploy scalable applications; they are taking advantage of cost savings, a 99.95% compute Service Level Agreement, automatic back-ups in two separate regions and 24×7 technical support with engineers constantly monitoring service health. 

It is, however, not only the large companies that are looking to cut infrastructure and software licence costs, our customers: government departments, central banks, local authorities, trade associations and other national and international financial and statistical institutions, who manage large amounts of data, want to do the same.

BankSearch is pleased to announce, therefore, that we have deployed our Online Global Data Capture System and straight-through business intelligence Interactive Database (IADB) applications using the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. 

Our data pooling applications can help you gather and interrogate aggregated time series data and easily drill into the information, conduct further analyses and quickly create reports dynamically. The virtual machines deliver scalable compute infrastructure on-demand, and to suit your own business needs.  

For more information about our applications and the cloud please contact us.