Central Banks are data hungry. To oversee the financial sector and steer the economy a Central Bank will collect data from banks, credit unions and other financial institutions and monitor macro-economic and social indicators. This amount and range of information is referred to as ‘Big Data’. 

Using our Online Global Data Capture System (OGDCS) Central Banks can gather monetary and financial statistics from their banks and other data providers. The straight-through processing feature automatically creates aggregated management information, which is then distributed via our Interactive Database (IADB) website.

One source of relevant macro data for a Central Bank is the International Monetary Fund ‘International Financial Statistics’ data, which can be downloaded from their eLibrary; the SDMX (Statistical Data Metadata eXchange) file is then loaded and processed, allowing for analysis and dissemination via our IADB. 

If you would like to find out more about our end-to-end OGDCS and IADB Big Data solution please contact one of the BankSearch team.