This Holiday Season BankSearch has chosen to support the Save the Children: Syria appeal.  The war in Syria has created this century’s biggest humanitarian crisis.  The Save the Children teams are inside Syria and the surrounding region to give children the basics they need to survive.

Save the Children say:

 Inside the war-torn country an estimated 3.1 million children need help. More than 1 million children have fled the country and are now living in over-stretched refugee camps or villages.
The number of registered refugees has increased 12-fold in the past year and overall refugee numbers topped 2 million in early September.
Our teams have so far helped 600,000 refugee children and family members including 230,000 children and family members inside Syria with food, safe water, medicine, and shelter.
But the crisis is growing and we must reach more children.

This winter all donations are matched pound for pound by the UK government.