The Economic Assessment is about setting out our understanding of the current position of the York and North Yorkshire economy, i.e.

•  How the sub region will earn its living in twenty years time and what we will need to do to get there;
•  How we will contribute to the economic recovery over the next few years and identifying what the critical issues are that need to be addressed; and
•  What our opportunities and competitive advantages might be and how they might be taken forward as drivers of change.

York and North Yorkshire has high levels of business activity demonstrating a significant increase in business stock in recent years.  Figures indicate that there are 508 businesses per 10,000 population in York and North Yorkshire compared to 345 regionally.  Business creation is however slowing.  The sub region has significant levels of micro businesses and self employment which have particular skills and business support requirements.

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Article by York and North Yorkshire Partnership Unit.
Data in the Business and Enterprise Chapter of the Technical Appendix is partially sourced from BankSearch’s Business Start Up database.