BankSearch is delighted to announce that its state of the art Online Global Data Capture System can now handle more granular data.

The recent financial crisis has lead regulators across the world to look again at the data they gather from banks and other financial institutions. They are beginning to demand more detailed information from reporters. For example, the Bank of England has recently announced that financial institutions will be expected to provide additional currency and sectorial data (see: Bank of England Statistical Notice Statistical Notice 2013/01).

In other sectors, the necessity for detailed regulation has also increased. Whether you are a government department, national statistics authority, international agency or trade association BankSearch’s Online Global Data Capture System, with granular collection capabilities can help you to fulfil your information gathering requirements.

This is possible because in addition to all of its existing features and user friendly interface (click here to read more) the Online Global Data Capture System now allows the user to upload larger, more granular data including transactional / customer level information. Examples of transactional data could include each new mortgage taken out, individual current account openings and closings, new bond issues and redemptions, insurance claims and so on. 

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