THE number of businesses starting up in Bromley fell in July, according to the latest figures.

Latest data from BankSearch shows 234 new businesses started up in Bromley in July, 19 fewer than June.

There are wide variations in the number of start-ups across England. So far this year London (+13 per cent) and East of England (+9.5 per cent) have seen the strongest regional annual growth compared to the corresponding period in 2010.

Yorkshire and the Humber (+3.4 per cent), the West Midlands (+2.7 per cent) and the North East (-1.4 per cent) have had the weakest growth.

In July 2011 the average number of start-ups per English district was 131. The median level of starts was 94 and the minimum and maximum number of starts across the districts was three and 827 respectively.

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Article published on ‘This Is Local London’ website.
Source: BankSearch Business Start Up Interactive Database.