BankSearch has been working hard over the last few months on some exciting new features for our products.

Here is a brief look at some of the enhancements we are introducing:
Identifying Outliers
Content automation


Identifying Outliers
With a hundred data providers and over seven million records in our Regulated Mortgage Survey database it is almost inevitable that some reported data items contain unusual results.
Our new ‘Compliance Statistics’ provides Compliance and Regulatory Managers with a means to check the quality of their firm’s mortgage Product Sales Data which is submitted to the Financial Services Authority and CML/BankSearch.
Patricia Couny, BankSearch’s Finance Director said: “anything that helps firms improve the accuracy and data quality of their returns has got to be a winner. With the new reports checking for ‘outliers’ has never been easier”.

Feedback from our customers tells us that certain reports are used more than others. So we have introduced two quick and easy ways to access the most popular reports.The ‘top 10’ report downloads makes accessing ‘what’s hot’ as simple as clicking a link. 
Our CubeTek software allows users to easily save tables and load dynamic reports – these are automatically repolutated every month when new data is available.
These are great time savers.

Content Automation
We are keen to extend time-saving features in our reporting modules and we have been experimenting with a number of ‘most interesting facts and figures’.