Chapter 5  Business and Enterprise in Derby (Consultation Draft)

 Business Start Up

 One of the headline data that is often cited to highlight business
performance in Derby is the business start up rate. Statistics show that
Derby continues to lag behind other areas in terms of business birth
rates. In 2007 there were 48 business births per 10,000 population,
compared to a regional average of 53. In 2008 this figure had dropped
to 41, albeit against a background of national recession and drop in the
regional average to 47. However, there is more positive evidence for
Derby with latest ONS data showing that the overall number of active
enterprises in Derby continues to rise and that longer term business
survival has been a strength of Derby’s economy…

National data sources have been used earlier in this chapter to allow
comparisons with other cities and with regional and national averages.
Banksearch data allows analysis of the business make up within the
city boundary in greater depth and with more variables…

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Article by Derby Council. 
Data partially sourced from the BankSearch Business Start Up Interactive Database.